Hear from Glenn Derusha- Human Rights Defender!

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By Glenn Derusha:

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Together we can Defend our Natural Human Rights!   

This message is for all of those people that found and reported a fraud or violation of the law and was labeled a “sovereign citizen” as a result of Whistle Blowing!

Who am I?

I am a 59 year old man. I have never had more than a couple of traffic tickets. I had no legal issues until I came face to face with a mortgage foreclosure on the home that my wife and I built 20 years ago.

We raised our two daughters in this home and all these memories came under attack. I had no idea who the true violators were at the time. Of course there was the bank, but I was not aware of the insidious wheels of justice I was about to encounter. I knew deep down in my natural spirit of truth that I needed to defend what was right for me and my family. I was raised to believe that you can always rely on truth and that truth will prevail. I knew I could count on many of my family and friends to have my back if I just made the first move.

I have made the first move! I have joined the Human Right Defenders International! I have stood up to those attempting to perpetrate my murder by accusing the U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch of attempted murder.

Now, I need you to stand up!

All of you out there who have been labeled “sovereign citizen” and have had something like this happened to you need to stand up.  Maybe you know someone out there that has been labeled and victimized in this manner. They may be down and out with no hope as I was, kept away from family and friends as I was. Not knowing if they will ever have peace again. There is hope, and yes, there is a true remedy for you!

It’s time to hammer down! We need to nail this down and wake up to the very serious intentional labeling of “sovereign citizen”. We need to be aware that it is used as an attempt to murder, or even murder in order to silence whistleblowers. We need to be aware that this label is used by Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) with the support of the U.S. government and specifically the Department of Justice (DOJ) to do harm to law abiding people trying to do the right thing.  

Law enforcement and judicial intimidation has eliminated your due process by this labeling. You are not allowed trial by jury and you are “guilty as charged”, faced with long jail sentences, slave labor or even the possibility of disappearance. See: The Patriot Act.

The ones who commit these heinous crimes believe they have immunity from their deeds and history has shown that to be incorrect; “See Nurnberg Trials”. They will not stop because they are being encouraged by their training and by their superiors to use extreme prejudice on all of those they believe fit the profile of “sovereign citizens”.

Together with the Human Rights Defenders we can stand up to the evil attack perpetrated by some Public Officials and Law Enforcement agencies. These officials should be here to protect and serve, but unfortunately they are behind us with a gun ready to shoot, using the label “sovereign citizen” on us and profiling us as domestic terrorists. This is not in the original Spirit of America. This is an intentional re-prioritizing to hide crimes.                       

Together we can make a difference. What you need to do is start documenting in writing your situation in an affidavit. Any paperwork that may have you labeled “sovereign citizen”.  Any paperwork documenting gross misdemeanors or felonies you may be surprised with little research that you too may well have human rights violations perpetrated against you.

Revisit your cases to see if there are any references such as “sovereign citizen” or “posse comitatus” or any type of “Terrorist” buzz words that were used against me. Please contact the Human Rights Defenders to help you right this wrong. This is serious! Its very real. It’s not a movie or a TV show. You could have that “sovereign citizen” label on you and you and may not even know it.

It’s Time to Hammer Down. Step up and do what’s right to help yourselves and future generations.

Contact violations@humanrightstribunal.international or defenders@humanrightsdefenders.international  

Glenn Joseph DeRusha
American National and Human Rights Defender

2 thoughts on “Hear from Glenn Derusha- Human Rights Defender!

  1. Thank you ! Bless your heart ! My friend Randy Lee Sills was murdered by cops in the Aztec, New Mexico jail ,because of what his Dad knew about the corruption of The San Juan County 11th Judicial System ,Office holders have no fiduciary or recognizance bond ,which binds them to the promises they purge in their Oaths . My friend Randy told me it was going to happen right before it did . visit thepeopleofnewmexico.com

  2. Dear Glen Joseph, I just want to thank you sooo much . I have reported about 6 cases of violations where they violate all 30 articles . San Juan County 11th Judicial District is the gates of hell ,A RICO . My friend Randy Lee Sills was murdered by cops in the Aztec County Jail in 2004 Because his Dad Harley knew ( no fiduciary or recognizance bond ,purged oaths ) of the oligarchy of impersonators within the Courts of San Juan County 11th Judicial District in Aztec New Mexico . Although I have not heard from him in over a year I am a witness to treachery for my friend Winfred P. Adams USAF major retired ,he is still commissioned by JFK. We filed a Habeas Corpus for my friend Ruben Reyes Romero in 1996 with The New Mexico Supreme Court ,we were ignored . I seen the Judge Harrison ,Threaten Ruben with a jury trial (they said he would get more time if he had a jury ) if they did not get a yes answer to the next question (this was done after he ordered the tape recorder be turned off ) . Lots of details Ruben is still in prison and he is innocent there never was a victim either . The man has spent most of his life in prison for victimless crimes because of the corruption here . I am still trying to get my affidavit done for my violations . I filled out the paperwork Cory sent to me but I know it is a mess ,I don’t know how to insert my evidence into the worksheet .(limited internet and skills , but learning ) anyway I just read your story and wanted to say Thank you Sooooo much !!!!For all you do . Yours truly Jessene Roe Beecroft Res ID 210836322948 Thank you !!!

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